Backyard Cottages

We are passionate about small and flexible spaces, in part because of our adventures on our 29-foot sailboat (our mobile Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Closet, Attic, Deck, and more!). Red Cottage Studios is named for our own backyard cottage. We designed it for our aging father, and it's now a charming and sought-after rental. We have designed a pied-a-terre for visiting grandparents; a third is guest accommodations (and sometimes home office for a telecommuting dad). Backyard Cottages are a worthy investment: they can increase your income and enhance your community. We understand the nuances of Seattle's complex Backyard Cottage ordinance, and we would love to explore the feasibility of a cottage or other small dwelling with you.

Please see our Falcon's Nest case study for one project's story.