Visioning & Programming

Visioning involves reflection and attention to determine your high-level goals and priorities, e.g. “the relationship between the rooms should emphasize the importance of eating meals together as a family”. Programming is the process of determining the sizes, functional and spatial relationships of rooms in a building, e.g. “the dining room needs to seat 10 and be open to the kitchen”. Together, they combine science and art to make a building fit your needs.

Red Cottage Studios has a visioning and programming tool kit that includes interviews, questionnaires, workshops, brainstorming groups, and everybody-participates design sessions. We tailor our visioning work, and we’ve been successful with single clients and also communities of thirty!

For home design, visioning can establish your sustainability goals and the weight you assign to budget, schedule, and quality of the result. For our institutional clients, visioning can also define present and future needs, and can contribute to long-term fundraising plans.

In either case, a document that summarizes the visioning and programming serves as a touchstone during the entire project, for us all to refer back to and check our adherence to our goals.

Please download our visioning case study for an example of our work.